Post-covid resumption is the subject of international debate

The resumption of operations in the global footwear market after Covid was the subject of a live talk held yesterday (July 22) with international leaders of the industry. The event, promoted by Expo Riva Schuh, featured the industry associations Abicalçados (Brazilian Footwear Industries Association), Appicaps (Portugal's footwear manufacturers association), ACLE (council of leather exporters in India), CLIA (association of tanneries in China), and the companies Gold Star/Valleverde (Italy), Bata (Europe), and Sabu (Germany).

On the occasion, the manager of the Brazilian Footwear, footwear exports promotion program developed by Abicalçados in partnership with Apex-Brasil, Letícia Sperb Masselli, pointed out that the pandemic had a greater impact on the Brazilian domestic market, which absorbs more than 85% of the country's production output. According to her, the production decreased by 30% in the first semester. The decrease will likely be less sharp in the second half of the year due to the gradual resumption of orders.

The manager also mentioned that Brazil never adopted a complete lockdown and that therefore the companies kept working, with reduced capacity due to the decrease in orders and to health security measures. "The Brazilian footwear industry is prepared to receive orders and is very capable of service at this moment when major international brands are seeking supply alternatives," she said, highlighting that the chain is more united and that this represents more competitive prices and greater safety and agility in international deliveries.  

Sustainability is one of the trends of the post-Covid market, especially in the face of an increasingly conscious, demanding consumer.  In this context, Masselli stressed that the Brazilian industry has been working with the Sustainable Origin program, which promotes the concept throughout the production process, from raw materials to the finished shoe, not only considering ecology, but also social, economic, and cultural aspects. 

In a context of a pandemic, Masselli mentioned that the footwear industry has been responding quickly to the digitization of the market, both domestically and internationally, with prominence to the platform, which puts Brazilian brands in contact with international buyers, reducing the physical distance to a few clicks.  "The companies have been adjusting and making their teams more qualified for this market. It is a process that was further boosted during the new coronavirus pandemic," she concluded. 

Expo Riva Schuh
One of the main international fairs in the footwear industry, renowned for the sale of large volumes to the main markets in the world, Expo Riva Schuh takes place twice a year, in Riva del Garda, Italy. Brazilian companies participate in the event, supported by the Brazilian Footwear.
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