Italian fair will likely generate USD 45 million for footwear manufacturers

The participation of 45 Brazilian brands in the Italian fair Expo Riva Schuh, held from June 15 to 18 in Riva del Garda, generated USD 45 million in business, combining deals closed on the spot and those that began to be negotiated during the event. This action was carried out with the support of the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados). 

The Trade Promotion analyst of the footwear organization, Ruísa Scheffel, highlights that 712 thousand pairs were sold on the spot. They generated USD 10.37 million, 20% more than at the event last year.  For the six upcoming months, the expectation is that another 1.6 million pairs are sold, totaling USD 34.54 million in business deals. According to her, the fair is essential for export brands, since in some cases the participation accounts for over 60% of the total international orders for the spring-summer season. Abicalçados also reports that 650 contacts were established with important international buyers, 250 of them new, demonstrating a growing interest in Brazilian brands.

Scheffel assesses that the brands were satisfied upon leaving the event. "Since it is a fair geared towards summer, the main season for Brazilian footwear, there are always greater expectations. The companies established good contacts, which will likely turn into orders in upcoming months," she says, highlighting the massive presence of U.S. buyers, which is unusual at the Italian trade show. According to her, the situation can be explained by the trade war between the United States and China, which has been making American importers seek new suppliers. "In May, the increase in the import tariff for shoes from China came into force in the United States, going from 10% to 25%; This made local importers seek alternatives in other countries," Scheffel explains. 

For Democrata, from the city of Franca (in the state of São Paulo), the fair yielded good results. All the customers the company had scheduled came, demonstrating that the brand is well established in the markets. "We penetrated into a new market, which was the company's main goal, in addition to maintaining a solid partnership with important customers in the region," says the company's export manager, Anderson Melo, stressing the importance of participating in the Italian fair as a way to be acknowledged in the market. 

New markets were also explored by Werner, from the city of Três Coroas (in the state of Rio Grande do Sul).  According to the company's export coordinator, Isaque Weber, the booth was visited by both traditional customers and new customers with "great potential."  According to him, the company penetrated markets in India and Eastern Europe.  "This edition was also important to re-establish contacts that were a little removed," Weber assesses. For him, the edition was better than last year, with the promise of yielding good results for the company's exports in the second semester.

The Brazilian brands Klin, Werner, Andacco, Carrano, Madeira Brasil, Verofatto, Piccadilly, Pegada, Vizzano, Beira Rio Conforto, Moleca, Molekinha, Molekinho, Modare Ultraconforto, Usaflex, Tabita, Pampili, Cravo & Canela, Jorge Bischoff, Loucos & Santos, Ramarim, Comfortflex, Whoop, Stéphanie Classic, Cristófoli, Suzana Santos, Renata Mello, Shoetherapy, Democrata, Petite Jolie, Sollu, Pimpolho, Indiana Colours of Brazil, Grendha, Grendene Kids, Copacabana, Cartago, Capelli Rossi, Capodarte, Dumond, ADG Export, Adrun, GVD International, Arezzo, and Awana participated in the Italian trade show.