Footwear manufacturers promote Trade Mission in Peru

Aiming to increase exports to Peru, a total of 29 Brazilian footwear brands participates in the Trade Mission to that country from November 11 to 13. The participation is supported by the Brazilian Footwear, footwear exports promotion program developed by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The Mission begins with a preparatory seminar on the Peruvian market on November 11, at Hotel Costa del Sol, in Lima. With experts on the subject, the event will provide information about the current market overview, as well  as the country as economic perspectives, particularities such as consumption habits, local trade rules, and the most effective relationship with local press publications, among other subjects. "The idea of this first meeting is to present important data that will help companies fully enjoy not only the Trade Mission but also all future actions in that market", says the coordinator of Abicalçados, Image Promotion Unit, Alice Rodrigues. After the event, important shopping centers will be visited, aiming to get to know the local retail. 

On November 12, the showroom of brands begins, also at Hotel Costa del Sol. The business networking meetings were scheduled following the matchmaking methodology, when the meetings are scheduled previously, comparing the demands of importers and the offers by the brands, aiming to optimize relationships and boost sales. On the same day, Photocall will be held. The event will bring together Brazilian brands and journalists of the main publications in Peru. The showroom of brands continues until November 13. "The expectation regarding deals is positive, but this first relationship between the brands and Peruvian retail is more important than the generation of sales," says a Trade Promotion analyst Paola Pontin. She highlights that this is the first action the Brazilian Footwear conducts in the Peruvian market. 

Debuting as a target market for the Brazilian Footwear in 2019/2021, Peru has nearly 33 million inhabitants and annually consumes more than 116 million pairs (with a per capita consumption of 3.6 pairs). According to the Strategic Study on Peru, conducted by Abicalçados, 42% of consumed shoes are imported, creating an opportunity to increase Brazilian exports. Peru also stands out for being a country in constant growth, with GDP growth above the average registered in other Latin American countries. By 2023, the country is forecast to grow by 4% per year. Between January and September this year, more than 3.3 million pairs of Brazilian shoes were shipped to Peru, making the country the 7th largest destination for the national product abroad. 

The brands Usaflex, Di Valentini, Ala, Zatz, Democrata, Shoetherapy, Offline, Sua Cia, Smidt, Mariotta, Coratta, Suzana Santos, Renata Mello, Stéphanie Classic, Werner, Andine, Bebecê, Cecconello, Valentina, Eléia, Kildare, Savelli, Ferrucci, Klin, World Colors, Plugt, Peki Lili, Marina Mello, and Vicenza participate in the Mission.