Footwear manufacturers participate in trade fair circuit in the United States

Eyeing the largest market for shoes in the world, the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) lands in the United States in February, through the Brazilian Footwear program, developed in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). Overall, 30 footwear brands participate in the fairs FN Platform (Las Vegas), Playtime (New York), Sole Commerce (New York), and Atlanta Shoe Market (Atlanta). 

Abicalçados' Trade Promotion analyst, Ruisa Scheffel, estimates that the participation is regarded optimistically, even with the de-escalation of the trade war between the United States and China, which favored Brazilian shoes throughout 2019. "The United States represents a very complex market for shoes. It must be developed in a customized way, according to the strategy and maturity of each brand.  The idea of going on the trade fair circuit, for the first time within the scope of the Brazilian Footwear, is precisely to develop the brands according to each need, since they are trade shows that cater to different regions and niches," says Scheffel, emphasizing that Brazil "has once again been detected on the radar of major American brands.” 

The circuit begins with the participation of 23 brands at FN Platform, fair which generated USD 3.7 million as a result of the participation of the Brazilian Footwear last year. The trade show takes place from February 5 to 7 in Las Vegas. It features all segments of products, from the most marketable to those with the highest value added. It mainly reaches the West Coast of the United States and Central America. The brands Ipanema, Zaxy, Rider, Cartago, Carrano, Vicenza, Petite Jolie, Ala, Zatz, Pegada, Offline, Suzana Santos, Renata Mello, Shoetherapy, Smidt Shoes, and Invoice participate in the trade show.

The second stop is Playtime, in New York. The fair focuses on the children's market, not only on the footwear segment. The Brazilian Footwear partners with Texbrasil, internationalization program developed by the Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit) and by Apex-Brasil, for this participation.  The trade show, from February 9 to 11, has a more conceptual profile, with articles with high value added. The brands Tip Toey Joey, Petit Cherie, and Mon Sucre participate in the trade fair.

Also in the U.S. metropolis, the Brazilian Footwear promotes the participation of the brands Ferri, Guilhermina, Vicenza, Carrano, and Paula Torres at Sole Commerce from February 11 to 13.  The trade show focuses on the segment of women's shoes with higher value added and takes place simultaneously with Coterie (clothing) and with Children's Club (children's products). Klin participates in the latter, also supported by the Brazilian Footwear.

Ending the trade fair circuit in the United States, the Brazilian Footwear supports the participation of 15 brands at Atlanta Shoe Market from February 15 to 17, in Atlanta. It is a rapidly-growing regional trade fair, exclusive for distributors. The brands Rider, Cartago, Ipanema, Zaxy, Usaflex, Petite Jolie, NMD Brazil, Piccadilly, Offline, Cocco Miami, Klin, World Colors, Shoetherapy, Bottero, Anatomic & Co, So.Sí, and Anatomic Gel participate in the trade show.

United States
Regarded as the main consumer market for footwear in the world, with a per capita consumption of over 7 pairs per year, the United States is the main destination of Brazilian shoes abroad. Last year, Americans imported 12 million Brazilian pairs, generating USD 197.5 million, a 10.5% increase in volume and an 18.4% increase in revenues in comparison with 2018. 

About the Brazilian Footwear:
The Brazilian Footwear is an exports promotion program developed by Abicalçados in partnership with Apex-Brasil. The program aims to increase exports of Brazilian footwear brands through development, trade promotion, and image actions focusing on the international market. Learn more: |

About Apex-Brasil:
The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and to attract foreign investment into strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. To reach these goals, Apex-Brasil carries out diverse trade promotion actions that aim to promote exports and to value Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business networking meetings, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in important international fairs, and visits from foreign buyers and opinion formers to get to know the Brazilian manufacturing structure, among other business platforms that also aim to strengthen the Brazil brand.  Learn more: