Footwear fair in Italy generates over US$ 7 million in deals for Brazil

The year started positively for Brazilian companies participating in the first trading platform of the footwear industry abroad in 2019. Expo Riva Schuh, traditional Italian trade fair in the city of Riva del Garda, brought together buyers and exhibitors of the segment from January 12 to 15, enabling good deals for the Brazilian delegation. The 44 Brazilian brands present traded 431.3 thousand pairs of shoes, which generated more than US$ 7 million in deals on the spot, 57% more than in the edition referring to the same period in 2018. The expectation for upcoming months is that negotiations surpass US$ 20 million. The numbers are present in a report prepared by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados), which enabled the participation through the Brazilian Footwear program, developed in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

According to Abicalçados' Trade Promotion analyst, Ruisa Korndorfer Scheffel, despite an apparent decrease in the number of visitors at the event, the figures were positive for Brazilian brands. "This is a very relevant fair, since buyers are focused on doing business. It is possible to note that when we compare the figures, we had fewer contacts than last year, but the amount of deals closed increased," she explains. In total, approximately 600 contacts were established, 200 of them with new customers, about 100 less than in 2018. "Besides, the expectation regarding deals for the six upcoming months remained at the same level, above US$ 20 million, many of the deals that began to be negotiated at Expo Riva Schuh will probably be closed next month, when the fair Micam Milano takes place, in Milan," Scheffel adds.

New markets
In addition to the figures, Expo Riva Schuh stands out as an important trading platform to maintain markets that were already activated and to penetrate into new markets. These were the main goals of Adrun, brand of athletic shoes that participated in its second edition of the fair. The company's export representative, Junior Pineze, says that the results were better than expected, increasing Adrun's presence in Europe.  "In the first participation, in June 2018, we penetrated into three new markets. In this second participation, we were able to penetrate into five more, with great expectations of growth for the six upcoming months," he says.

Establishing the company's presence abroad was also the goal for Pegada, which regards Expo Riva Schuh as a good opportunity to strengthen and increase international contacts.  "This fair is very important for the maintenance of the market because it takes place at the beginning of the semester, the moment the company meets with its main distributors," says the export manager, Juliano Fontes. "In addition, we had the opportunity to attract two new customers and, despite it being the winter edition, usually weaker, we had three days with good meetings," Fontes celebrates. These results demonstrate a resumption of the Brazilian industry, which once again draws the attention of Europeans and generates good business prospects for 2019.

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