Expo Riva Schuh to generate more than US$ 38 million for footwear companies

The good moment of Brazilian footwear exports continues to reflect positively in the participation in international events. In the most recent edition of the Italian Fair Expo Riva Schuh, held in Riva del Garda between June 11th and 14th, 51 Brazilian brands traded, on-site, 965.5 thousand pairs, which generated more than US$ 10 million. Adding to expectations in businesses that were started at the fair, the number goes up to 2.86 million pairs and US$ 38.6 million. The green-yellow participation was promoted by Brazilian Footwear, a program to support footwear exports maintained by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion (ApexBrasil).

Abicalçados' Project Manager, Leticia Sperb Masselli, points out that the record participation of Brazilian brands in the Italian show was special, marking the record in business generated since the beginning of national participations. “In the most recent Brazilian participation in the June edition, which had already been very good, 712 thousand pairs were sold, 250 thousand pairs less than in the current edition”, she compares. According to the manager, during the event there were more than 860 contacts with major market players, especially from Europe and the Middle East, a record 25% higher than the last edition.

The exhibiting companies were unanimous in the evaluation of the event. One of the satisfied representatives is Paulo Henrique Figueiredo, Foreign Market Manager of Levecomfort. “We are very happy with the results. We managed to do maintenance in the market and mainly opened new important contacts. In addition, we had the visit of some relevant customers who were more distant and returned”, evaluates the manager, stressing that, in addition to the on-site business, there were many others in progress. “In the coming days we will send samples and hope to confirm more orders soon,” Figueiredo said.

The Export Manager of Kidy, Carlos Passarini, points out that the event gave opportunity to the resumption of customers who were further away and who returned to buy from the brand. “The Fair was a big positive surprise. Not only the visitation, but the business exceeded our expectations”, comments Passarini, adding that there were more than 50 relevant visitors in the four days of the event. “It is a fundamental fair for business and also for brand positioning”, concludes the manager.

Express Design
The Brazilian brand Awana, specialized in the service of large volumes and in private label - selling with the customer's brand - created a space for the development of models on-site. For this, in addition to representing the commercial department, the company took two designers to carry out the developments according to the customer's taste. “Some of our main international customers always come to Expo Riva Schuh. Here is always the ideal opportunity to show the collections. During the fair, we also provided the opportunity for buyers to carry out development that they deem necessary with the support of our designers”, says Milton Moller, of the brand's Product Development Department. “There were at least five relevant new contacts, with great business potential”, he comments.

Manager of the Boaonda brand, Cassio Romani, evaluates that the Fair was special, but that it was enhanced by an important previous work, with schedules with regular buyers and prospects. “We managed to meet the agenda and we still added new customers, they were four very busy days”, he comments, stressing the importance of participation and doing their “homework”.

Participated in the Expo Riva Schuh, with the support of Brazilian Footwear, the brands ADG Export, Awana, GVD International, Usaflex, Carrano, Stéphanie Classic, Andacco, Beira Rio, Vizzano, Moleca, Modare Ultraconforto, Molekinha, Molekinho, Actvitta, BR Sport, Madeira Brasil, Werner, Pegada, Capelli Rossi, Jorge Bischoff, Loucos & Santos, Democrata, Piccadilly, Anatomic Shoes, Cartago, Grendha, Copacabana, Azaleia, Grendene Kids, Kidy, Suzana Santos, Renata Mello, Azillê, Pampili, Ramarim, Comfortflex, Levecomfort, Leveterapia, Cristofoli, Adrun, Cecconello, Alex Senne, CCR Shoes, Boaonda, Bibi, Ortopé, Dok, Dijean, Vectron, All'us Footwear and Alliance Shoes.

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