North american trade fair generates over us$ 3.7 million

The footwear trade fair FN Platform took place in Las Vegas/USA from February 5 to 7. It will likely generate over US$ 3.7 million in business deals for 21 participating Brazilian brands. The initiative was supported by the Brazilian Footwear, footwear exports promotion program developed by the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). 

The analyst of Abicalçados' Trade Promotion Unit, Ruísa Scheffel, highlights that the equivalent to US$ 752 million was traded on the spot, but the deals that began to be negotiated during the event will likely add another US$ 3 million. "It was a satisfactory result. Although we registered a smaller amount of people than in previous editions, the deals were closed, the buyers who showed up were focused," she says, also noting that important contacts were established and that new markets will likely be penetrated. 

For Kidy's export manager, Rodrigo Nunes, the trade show was positive. "We received several visitors from the United States and from countries we still do not work with, such as Nigeria, Japan, India, and Puerto Rico. We closed deals and penetrated into an important market with an e-commerce chain in the latter," he mentions. Nunes says that he will be in Atlanta next week, he will probably close some important deals that began to be negotiated during the event. 

Werner's sales manager, Isaque Weber, reached his goal of finding a local partner for distribution and support in the country. "With a local partner, the brand will be able to be present in more trade promotion events, increasing its recognition in the market," he assesses.  Weber also says that the customers who bought in previous editions returned in this edition, concluding that the event was also good to maintain the market. "In addition, we attracted new customers in the United States and received customers from countries in the Caribbean and South America," he adds. 

Calçados Ala, which had not been participating in FN Platform for two years, attracted three new important customers. "They began with a smaller volume, but there is great growth potential in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Venezuela," says the company's export representative, José Luis da Rocha. For him, the fair was also a way to maintain the presence in that market. 

The brands Rider, Cartago, Ipanema, Zaxy, Grendene Kids, Boaonda, Carrano, Vicenza, Werner, Kidy, Magia Teen, Petite Jolie, Ala, Zatz, Beira Rio Conforto, Moleca, Molekinha, Molekinho, Modare Ultraconforto, Vizzano, and Schutz participated in FN Platform.  


About the Brazilian Footwear:

The Brazilian Footwear is an exports promotion program developed by Abicalçados in partnership with Apex-Brasil. This program aims to increase exports of Brazilian footwear brands through development, trade promotion, and image actions focusing on the international market. Learn more: |


About Apex-Brasil:

The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad and to attract foreign investment into strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy. To reach these goals, Apex-Brasil carries out diverse trade promotion actions that aim to promote exports and to value Brazilian products and services abroad, such as prospective and trade missions, business networking meetings, support for the participation of Brazilian companies in important international fairs, and visits from foreign buyers and opinion formers to get to know the Brazilian manufacturing structure, among other business platforms that also aim to strengthen the Brazil brand. Learn more: