Footwear industry creates 2.7 thousand jobs in September

The footwear manufacturing sector created 2.7 thousand jobs in September 2019, totaling three consecutive periods of growth. The data presented by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment shows a great evolution in the balance of hires minus layoffs in comparison to the same month last year, which ended with 681 new positions filled.  The result is even better considering the quarter, between July and September.  During the three-month period, the employment balance was positive at 3.9 thousand jobs, while the balance was negative at 2.6 thousand during the same period of 2018. 

“Our expectation is that by December footwear production will grow by 3% and that this increase will encourage job creation, as shown in the figures referring to last quarter,” says the executive president of the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association (Abicalçados), Haroldo Ferreira.  He adds that the manufacturing industry, which includes all sectors except construction and agriculture, expects a 0.7% decrease in production, demonstrating that the footwear industry has been standing out compared to other segments.  Currently, considering the results obtained in September, the footwear industry employs 280.6 thousand people. Rio Grande do Sul is the state with the most employees in the industry, about 90 thousand.